10 Ways To Save Now on Veterinary Care in LA — Valley

10 Ways To Save Now on Veterinary Care in LA - Valley

- Facebook Pet Groups — Not for veterinarian advice because it is illegal to give veterinary advice unless you are a licensed veterinarian, but for finding resources. My favorite resource to learn about local deals for pets where I live is in the group called . I have found many of the resources listed below from being a member of this group. If you live in another location, find the local pet group for your area. I have lived in many places, and these groups are beneficial. They are generally filled with people that love pets and are happy to share the best places to take your pets to keep them happy and safe. They will also share the local pet news and events. You may have to do some sifting through the posts to find the nuggets relevant to your situation and needs. Still, they are an indispensable source of local resources whether you are looking for good rescue groups, veterinarians, or have found an injured animal. I have also seen this group pull together to help people with pets in desperate need. The title of the group says it all. If there is a pet in need in the San Fernando Valley, this group will try to help them. Facebook is full of similar groups.

- , This non-profit organization focuses on providing affordable pet care to low-income families, reducing the number of pets that end up being euthanized in local shelters each year. They share space with a couple of the Best Friends Animal Society shelters in the Los Angeles area. They offer wellness visits, dental care, nail trims, vaccines, and of course, spay and neuter services, in addition to the complete list of services shown below. They work by appointment only, and they remain booked pretty solid. It may take 3 or 4 weeks to get an appointment. Their basic office visit is currently priced at $55, with additional discounts available for people with income below $40,000 per year. They are not a full-service veterinary clinic and cannot perform all services. Calling ahead to make an appointment is required. No walk-in services are available. They offer discounted services for the following services:

Vaccinations: rabies for dogs and cats, FVRCP (feline combo), DHLPP (canine combo), FeLV (Feline Leukemia), Bordetella (“Kennel Cough”)

De-wormingDental cleaning and extractionsWound care for cuts, scrapes, bites and other injuries

Low prices on flea treatment and prescription medications

Anal gland expression and fecal testing (including parvovirus testing)

Eye conditions such as “Dry Eye,” red eyes, or corneal scratches

Blood tests (including phenobarbital levels, thyroid panels, annual and senior wellness panels, glucose curves/diabetes management, FeLV and FIV testing for cats)Sampling of masses with a needle biopsy and microscopic study (in order to determine type of mass)

Ear mites and ear infections

Nail trims

Skin infections and allergies

Other skin conditions including hot spots and mange

Abscesses, mass removals, and other soft tissue surgeries such as hernia repairs, bladder surgery, aural (ear) hematomasEnd of life counseling and euthanasia.

3. , 4926 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601, This place is hectic and helps many dogs. They are always packed, and you have to make an appointment. It is hard to get through by phone, and you cannot make an appointment online. Making an appointment by phone is the only way to get an appointment. They operate on donations and volunteers. They can be disorganized as the front office is mostly volunteers. The waiting room was full of dog owners with dogs that needed orthopedic surgeries (pre-Covid). That seems to be their specialty. They prefer that you go to your local vet for routine procedures. I took my dog here when it had antibiotic-resistant bladder infections. I was running out of money quickly at my regular veterinarian, and my dog wasn’t improving. Here, after pleading my case, they did a sonogram to check for bladder crystals and provided medication that actually worked. My dog had gone to the local urgent care vet and had multiple rounds of antibiotics that were not resolving the issue. Her urine was very bloody, and I was scared. My dog, who never had indoor accidents, was peeing in the house constantly. They were kind and very affordable. I went there twice, and my total bill was under $100, including antibiotics for both visits and the sonogram. I was very grateful for the help I received here. My personal experience here was excellent. They are also a rescue organization and have adoption and foster dogs available. There was a King Charles Spaniel that was roaming around that almost convinced me to take him home. I am at my dog limit according to my HOA, though, so I didn’t think hiding him was a good choice for him. He was charming, though…

4. Low-Cost Mobile Vaccines, 18601 W Oxnard St, Tarzana, CA 91356. This feed store has been serving the community for over 50 years. They have also been voted best pet store seven years in a row. It is a full-service feed and pet store geared toward horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and birds. My mom and her neighbors that lived on low senior citizen budgets shared this secret gem with me when I moved back home to the area. They liked the prices and the fact that it was close enough to home that they could walk here. I take my dogs here to get their vaccinations. No appointment is necessary. No income verification is required to qualify. Everybody is welcome here to save money. Call the store for times and dates. (818) 345–2510. During normal, non-pandemic times, the lines can be long, but the cost is much cheaper than the average veterinarian office in town. I save at least 50% here versus the cost of a full-service veterinarian. They only offer vaccinations through the mobile vaccination program.

5. 1836 Erringer Road Simi Valley, CA 93065.

Taking care of your pet does not need to break the bank. Affordable pet care within reach available to all income levels.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12–6 pm and Saturdays 10–2 pm.

Exams- $40

Vaccines- starting as low as $10

Deworming — starting as low as $10

Microchip- $20

Flea and tick control $20-$60

Health certificates

Blood and fecal test

Allergy treatment

Ear and eye infections

Pain control

Infection treatment

You can find these low-cost services at our based clinic located at:1836 Erringer Road Simi Valley, CAFor for pet exams and consultations. You must arrive @ least 60 minutes before closing. This is a walk-in clinic only, and waiting times vary… Call a “pet urgent care” clinic if your pet needs an x-ray, dental, or surgery. They can do those by appointment only.

Email info@petpawzitive.com

Text 844–469–7299

6. Services include more than adoption, foster, and surrender options. LA Animal Services also offers

7. Healthy Diet and Exercise

Walk Your Dogs every day. is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for pets. Playing in a backyard is not enough. Dogs need to get out and sniff their neighborhoods. It is good for them mentally and physically. Good health is cheaper than poor health. Don’t overdo with the treats. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight can prevent canine diabetes and heart disease, and even some cancer types. A healthy dog has fewer medical bills.

8. Clean their teeth. Poor in dogs can lead to inflammation which can contribute to heart disease. Brush their teeth daily and get their teeth cleaned professionally once per year. Extractions are more expensive than cleaning teeth.

9. Get annual checkups and vaccinations as needed. As your pet ages, routine checkups can catch health issues early, which can lead to a longer, healthier life for your pet. Plus, the sooner you catch a health issue, the better for your pet.



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