Nail trimming is important for all dogs. But as dogs get older and become more sedentary, dogs need nail trimming more frequently than dogs that are wearing their nails down by running around and playing or taking long walks. This is why older dogs are more likely to have longer…

Deadly Plants

Loose Fences and Gates

Perimeter Check

Bowel Obstructions Waiting to Happen

Main Causes Of Incontinence In Senior Dogs - How To Manage It.

This post is an excerpt of my next book about caring for senior dogs. It is untitled at this time.

Do you have a dog that is getting worse about having accidents? There are several causes of incontinence in senior dogs. Here I will discuss how to manage it.

Calder Vets, a…

Your Dog and Heart Disease - Easy Prevention, Common Symptoms, and Treatment Options

This post is an excerpt from my next book that focuses on senior dog care. It is untitled at this time.

With over 8 million dogs getting heart diseases with dire complications, this topic is critical to many dog owners. This article will explain easy prevention, the common symptoms, and the…

Your Dog Has Cancer. Everything You Need To Know

This post is an excerpt of my next book focusing on senior dogs and their care.

You notice an unusual bump or bulge on your dog, so you take it to the veterinarian to get checked out. The vet tests the bump, and it is bad news. Your dog has cancer…

Are Senior Dogs More at Risk of Strokes?

Risk of Stroke for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs are more at risk of strokes because as they age, the likelihood of factors that can cause blockage or bleeding in the brain increase with age. The brain controls all the systems and functions of the body. So when the brain is injured…

The Best Time To Add A Dog To Your Pack

Do you want another dog? Have you wondered when the right time to bring a second or third dog home to your pack is? These factors all play a role in the success of integrating your new furry friend into your existing pack. Adding a dog to your family when…

What Can You Do For Your Dog with Cataracts?

While some dogs are born blind, a dog with cataracts can lose their sight over time.

There is much that you can do for your dog with cataracts. The most notable health condition related to your dog’s vision is cataracts. Cataracts can potentially lead to blindness in dogs if left untreated…

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